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As YıldızLüx team, since 1985, we have been helping you find the perfect carpet and personalize your living spaces. Alongside the perfect carpet, we help you give the finishing touch to a room, such as providing functionality and comfort. Because we claim that the carpet is a complementary feature of the space.



YıldızLux, which has been providing services to the most distinguished palaces, yachts and corporate companies for more than 30 years, takes its power from its nobility. YıldızLux carpets, which create a new atmosphere for the leading companies of the sector, are woven individually using the highest quality yarns. 


Are You Ready for the

YıldızLux Collection 2022

Harmony and Rythme. A design in which the colors harmonize one after another.


Hand-Tuft ?

Our company Yıldızlux has been using wool, linen, bamboo, silk, viscose, fiber types since 1980. Variable loop heights and weaving density adjustment are also possible during weaving. We are in favor of using the highest quality materials available in Yıldızlux Carpet and we never compromise on our quality with our 30 years of experience.

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