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As a team, since 1985, we have been helping you find the perfect carpet and personalize your living spaces. Alongside the perfect carpet, we help you give the finishing touch to a room, such as providing functionality and comfort. Because we claim that the carpet is a complementary feature of the space.

Yıldızlux Carpet is the first company in Turkey to make site-specific designs on a project basis and in line with the order from the customer. Carpet production is carried out with the Hand-Tuft system according to the color, pattern and size you want. The most important thing to consider when choosing a carpet is the type of yarn used in the carpet. Yıldızlux Carpet uses New Zealand wool, which is the whitest, cleanest and purest wool in the world, against mold and moisture, which is anti-allergic, antibacterial, non-staining, non-burning, trapping the moisture in the air up to 30% of its weight and does not give a feeling of wetness.

A Quality Yarns

Carpets produced by YıldızLux are always carefully woven using the highest quality yarns.

Feel the Atmosphere

In addition, other qualities of bamboo and viscose yarns are produced from completely natural bamboo wood and poplar wood. The fabric pattern, picture, or any pattern you can think of, the size and shape of your sofa that covers the space in your home, as you can determine the size and shape, the designs that are prepared in the most appropriate way for the space are presented to your appreciation by the professional design team before starting the carpet production.

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